How to Embed a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

How to Embed a Zoom Meeting or Webinar 

Zoom Meetings and Webinars can now be embedded into Splash allowing you to:

    • Create a frictionless guest experience. Guests won’t need to download Zoom or create a login, helping them get in the (virtual) door faster.
    • Keep your brand integrity. Customize the Splash page housing your Zoom with your brand’s colors, font, and logo.
    • Capture valuable guest data. We track what time your guests check in and out of the Zoom and pass that information to your Guest List and any integrations you have set up with Splash.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • Zoom Meetings and Webinars can only be embedded on Splash’s Virtual Event Touchpoint, not on an Event Page. 
    • Guests viewing an embedded Zoom Meeting or Webinar in Safari will not be able to connect to audio or video.
  • Zoom doesn’t allow all of their functionality to be embedded on external sites:
Feature Supported in Embed
Chat Yes
Reactions (Meeting) No
Gallery View (Meeting) No
Share Screen (Meeting) Yes
Raise Hand Yes
Password Yes
Waiting Room (Meeting) Yes
Enable join before host (Meeting) Yes
Mute participants upon entry (Meeting) Yes
Only authenticated users can join Yes
Registration Required (Webinar) No
QA (Webinar) Yes
Polls (Webinar) No

Create a Zoom Meeting or Webinar in Splash

The type of virtual event you’re hosting will influence what type of Zoom you host. For a smaller event with encouraged audience participation, we recommend a Zoom Meeting, while a larger scale event with Q&A is best suited for a Zoom Webinar. Keep in mind that you can only embed one Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar inside your Virtual Event Touchpoint.

Zoom Meeting

  1. Schedule a meeting in Zoom. You can also create an instant or recurring Zoom Meeting.
  2. Copy and paste your Zoom Meeting ID and password (if required). You’ll need these for the next step.

Zoom Webinar

  1. Create a webinar in Zoom, or set up or our Zoom Webinar Integration to auto-create webinars. *Please note: Zoom Webinars require a specific Zoom license and role type. Consult Zoom for more information.
  2. Make sure registration is set to not required.
  3. Copy and paste your Zoom Webinar ID and password. You’ll need these for the next step.

Embed your Zoom Meeting or Webinar in Splash

  1. Create a Splash page for your virtual event for guests to register.
  2. Add the Virtual Event Page Touchpoint to your Event Overview. This serves as your “virtual venue” where guests will check-in and stream the Zoom Meeting or Webinar.
  3. Select the Live Stream state in the upper left hand corner. 
  4. Click Virtual Content in the Layout Tree.
  5. Select Embed Options, then Zoom Meeting.
  6. Copy and paste your Zoom Meeting or Webinar ID and if required, password, and Save.


Customize the join experience 

Once you save your Zoom information, you’ll notice a new set of design options in the Layout Tree. Keep your event on brand and customize the headline and button CTA using your event’s colors and fonts.


Understanding the guest experience

Let’s take a look at the entire guest experience:

  1. A guest will start by registering on your Event Page.
  2. In their email confirmation, and/or day-of email reminder (your choice!), a guest will receive their unique check-in link.
  3. Beginning thirty minutes prior to your event’s start time, the guest will be able to self check-in using their link.
  4. Once checked in, the guest will click Join Meeting when they’re ready to participate.
  5. Zoom will prompt the guest to click Check Captcha where they will perform a quick captcha check for security purposes.
  6. If you’ve already started the meeting or webinar on Zoom’s side, or enabled join before host, the guest will then be prompted to choose their audio and video settings. If using computer audio and video, the guest’s browser will prompt them to grant mic and video access to Splash.
  7. The guest can decide to leave by clicking Leave Meeting or exiting out of the Splash window.


Best practices

    • Start your Zoom early. By default, Splash will allow guests to check-in 30 minutes before your event start time. At that point, guests will also be able to join the Zoom meeting. We recommend starting your Zoom Meeting or Webinar early, or enabling join before host, to keep them from hitting Zoom’s dreaded “This meeting hasn’t started yet” message. Try sharing a fun “This event will begin soon” screen on Zoom if you’re still setting up!
    • Mute participants upon entry. Zoom Meetings allow you to mute participants upon entry to prevent any noise while the meeting begins.


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