How do I create a bi-directional sync between Splash and Marketo?

With the Marketo integration in Splash, you can determine how and when you want event and guest information flowing to and from the two systems. 


What information is synced from Marketo into Splash?

The following information will be synced from Marketo into Splash:

  • First and Last name
  • Email Address
  • Status
  • Any fields that have been mapped in the Lead Settings

Note: These fields will not update until a status change has taken place in Splash or Marketo. 

How and when does the info get pulled?

The Sync Leads and Program Member Data action pushes leads and contacts from Splash events to their Marketo Program counterparts. The trigger for this action is a timer with several frequency options. At the end of the designated frequency, all leads in Marketo mass update to match the associated Splash event. Splash___Marketo__v2__Downloadable_Guide_-_Quinn_Soutar_-_Confluence_-_Goog.._2020-07-08_at_2.10.46_PM.png


The Pull Lead and Program Member Data action pulls information from Marketo and synchronizes it with the associated Splash event. This is triggered by a timer set to a chosen interval. The frequency is looking for changes that happened within that timeframe. This means if the trigger is updated to "hourly", changes that happened longer than that hour will not be updated in Splash. 



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