Troubleshooting and FAQs: BlueJeans Integration

Your BlueJeans integration is all setup and running in Splash, but have you run into problems along the way? The FAQ below will provide you will the necessary tools and tips to ensure your integration is properly firing and make your events a success!

 For more information on how to set up and use the BlueJeans Integration, check out: How do I integrate Splash with BlueJeans?

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BlueJeans Webinar information is not updating

Unable to authenticate with BlueJeans

My webinar is not created in BlueJeans

Can I re-trigger the confirmation email from BlueJeans?

Can I prevent the confirmation email from sending?


BlueJeans Webinar information is not updating

If you've made changes to your event details such as date, time and name but are not seeing the changes reflected in BlueJeans, your integration may need a quick adjustment.

First make sure that your BlueJeans account is authenticated in Splash.


Next, you'll need to have the Update trigger enabled in the integration settings:


Once the Update trigger is set you can go back to your event and update the event details. This will then push the new information over to existing BlueJeans event.

If the Update trigger is not set, any event details changes you make in Splash will not update into BlueJeans.


Unable to authenticate with BlueJeans

When authenticating your BlueJeans account in Splash, you'll want to make sure you're using the same account that was configured in your BlueJeans instance. Make sure the following permissions are set in your BlueJeans instance:



My webinar did not get created in BlueJeans

Multiple BlueJeans integrations in your Splash account can prevent the creation of the BlueJeans event. That is, the other BlueJeans integrations may fire before yours does causing the event to not be created in your BlueJeans instance.

If you have no other BlueJeans integrations configured in your account, you'll want to check your BlueJeans account for the following permissions. You may need to reach out to your BlueJeans administrator to confirm:


So, you've confirmed that no other BlueJeans integrations are setup and your BlueJeans permissions are correct, but the event is still not being created in BlueJeans. Last thing to check for is the configuration in Splash. Some teams like to have the integration fire only for certain event types or Groups. In the example below the BlueJeans integration only fires for the Virtual and ECMS1 - EN Event Types:


With these settings, only the options selected with have a corresponding BlueJeans event be created. If you created an event with a different event type or you are apart of a different group, that BlueJeans event will not be created. 


Can I re-trigger the confirmation email from BlueJeans?

The confirmation email that is generated and sent from BlueJeans cannot not be re-triggered on the Splash side. For confirmation email re-triggers, please reach out to the BlueJeans support team.


Can I prevent the confirmation email from sending?

At this time the BlueJeans confirmation email after a guest RSVPs cannot be disabled from within Splash. We do recommend that Confirmation Emails for the Event be disabled so Guests don't get double-emailed.

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