How do I create different registration question tracks for my guests?

The easiest way to ask different types of guests different registration questions is to use conditional logic. Conditional logic enables you to ask questions based on the response to the previous one. 

Example: If a guest says "yes" they'd like a free t-shirt then they'll be shown a question requesting their shirt size.

But what about events where I don't want guests to self-identify? Can I serve guests with a pre-designed set of questions without having to create multiple event pages?

The answer is yes, and it requires you to use both conditional question logic and a very powerful feature called URL Parameters.

What are some examples of when I might use URL Parameters?

  • You only want to offer VIP guests the option to bring a +1
  • You want to set up different registration questions for employees and customers
  • You want to create different question tracks for your conference

The video below will walk you through the guest experience, and then show you how to use conditional logic and URL Parameters to create distinct question tracks.

Please note: URL Parameters can only be used for events collecting RSVPs — not ones selling tickets.

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