Event Page Touchpoint: The Margin/Padding Tab

The number one question we get asked from designers in our tool is “How do I customize the spacing on my event page?” Some designers need more space included in certain Blocks, others need to create less space between Elements. In Designer Pro, we give the designer the keys to the Lamborghini AND the Benz. Welcome to the wonderful world of Margin & Padding.


Margin and Padding are the two major properties used to control space within and around Elements and Blocks. Adequate spacing is a basic but essential component of building a visually balanced and accessible design.

Quick Definitions: Both margin and padding are used to position an Element by manipulating whitespace. So, what’s the difference? In many cases, both properties can seemingly be used interchangeably to create the same visual result. However, there is a difference, and understanding that difference is an important step in building better Blocks.

Margin is the space the lives around the outside of an Element or Block, separating it from other components on your event page.

Padding is the space that lives INSIDE the element’s constraints. Think of Padding as the muscle around the bone.

To learn more about Margin & Padding, visit this Help Center article here.


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