Event Page Touchpoint: The Font Tab

When updating a text or headline element you have full creative freedom to control what that text looks like by taking advantage of the Font tab.

In the Font Family dropdown, you can choose from one of the fonts you have set up in the Design Tab. Need to make an adjustment to those options? Click into Edit Font Sets to do just that.

Once you've settled on a font, alter the size of the text by adjusting the font size. By default, your font will be using the form of measurement labeled “EM” or “REM.” These are the best types of units to use when it comes to typography because of how well they responsively scale across tablet and mobile views.

A few more details:

  • Font Color allows you to adjust the color of the text.
  • Text Align will align the content to the left, center, or right-hand side of the element.
  • Text Transform will be toggled onto “None” by default but you can update it to Uppercase, Lowercase, or Capitalize (also known as Title Case).
  • Line Height will increase the space between the lines of text. In design, this is known as leading.
  • Letter spacing is going to be your kerning; the space between the letters.

Keep in mind, font size, alignment, and spacing are all adjustable in the mobile and tablet workspace. However, font family and color will not be.


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