Event Page Touchpoint: The Background Tab

We understand that most elements on your event page are not one size fits all. With Designer Pro, you have complete creative freedom to adjust the size, shape, color, spatial restrictions, and more to any element on your event page. Allow us to run down the list of options for you, starting with the Background tab.

Inside the Background tab, the designer can change the background color using the options in their color palette, or they can have the background be filled in with an image.

Clicking into the background image area or Upload will launch the image upload modal. You can upload a JPEG, animated GIF, or PNG file. Your only restriction is that it has to be under 2000 px by 2000 px. You also can explore our stock libraries of imagery powered by either Unsplash or Giphy. Once you select an image, you can set it to fill the background of the element in a number of ways using the quick editing features included in the Background tab.

An entire block’s background can also be customized by clicking into the block using the layout tab and making the necessary edits using the background tab. You can even crop and remove the background image of a block or element right from here, too--no need to go back and forth from Photoshop.

For more on the background image, visit this article: 3 Types of Imagery In Splash.

For a breakdown of the next accordion tab on the list, head here: The Font Tab.

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