How do I customize the Hub Navigation element?



Adding the Hub Nav element

1. Either on-page or via your Layout tab, click the blue "+" icon within your Hub block to open up our Element Library.

2. Click into the Hubs section to access Hub Elements.

3. Select Hub Nav.

Voila! Your hub now has a navigation, featuring a few default options for serving your guests relevant Hub events.

Customizing your Hub Nav element

Mousing over your Hub Nav element will display various options - the most pertinent being Edit and Layout.

Clicking the Edit icon will open up the Navigation Element window, allowing you to fully customize its wording, arrangement, and behavior.

You're able to change both the display name of the prompt and the action that will result when a visitor clicks on it!

As it pertains specifically to your Hub, your available actions include:

  • Sort by Upcoming: Sorts your hub by all upcoming events first
  • Sort by Distance: Sorts your hub by all events within the closest proximity to your visitor's IP address first 
  • Sort by RSVP count: Sorts your hub by events with the highest amount of RSVPs first
  • Show Featured: Displays only events marked as Featured
  • Search Keywords: Displays only events with titles or descriptions that match the keyword you choose to enter


  • Search Tags: Displays only events with the tag you specify


By default, though, we'll always present you with the following display names and actions. 


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