How do I add Splash events to a hub?



You can add events to your hub in two places:

1. Directly on-page, by hovering over your hub element and clicking the green Add Event button.

2. Or, you can do so by:

  1. Hopping into your page's Layout tab
  2. Clicking into the block that houses your hub element
  3. Clicking into the Hub Element
  4. Click on the Event Hub tab -> "Manage Events" button (From the appearing Hub Management window, you'll be able to click the green Add Event button)

Upon adding in events from your dashboard, you'll notice that your event details are dynamically pulled into a simple, elegant hub card.



Need to edit what's displaying in each Hub Card?

Hovering over your hub card and clicking the gear icon will open up your event details. Editing any of your basic event details such as title, domain, date and time, or venue will update both the Hub Card and the actual event as well. Edits you make to the image on the card will only affect what's displayed within the Hub Card.


Looking to learn about adding external events to a hub instead?

Go here.

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