Repeatables are one of the designer's most useful tools in Splash’s CMS. Consider them your new best friend.

A repeatable is one element or a group of elements that “repeats” or copies its style to its duplicates. Repeatables tend to mimic the technology of Master Cards in InDesign, as they can be styled individually or all at once to save the designer time.

A repeatable empowers the user to add new content to their event page, in this case an additional speaker, without having to style each of those elements a second time. This is because styles only need to be set once on the master repeatable.

The most common blocks with repeatable functionality include Speaker, Sponsors, List, and Schedule blocks. All of these blocks can be found within the Block Library.


Adding, Deleting, & Dragging

You're able to quickly and easily add more repeatables to a block by hovering over the repeatable container, surfacing the green Add Item button and clicking. Added too many or need to get rid of a few? No worries! Simply hover over an individual repeatable and click the “X” delete button.

One of the coolest aspects of our repeatable technology is that it is the only place on your actual event page where you can click, hold, and drag individual components around the block to reorder. Need to move an important speaker to the front of the line? No problem. What if you need to make a last-minute adjustment to your run of show in your schedule block? Just click and drag that bad boy around your block. Watch the video below to learn how:


Changing Content & Layout

Outside of reordering there are plenty of options available to a designer to customize a repeatable element. To change the content of an individual repeatable, in this case a speaker, click directly into the content. You can switch out images, names, job titles, whatever you need without disrupting the other repeatables in the container. 

But what if you do want to change them all at once? How would you change the layout of your repeatables? It would be frustrating to have to click into each one and edit it’s design one by one, right? Well, this is one of the many joys of Splash’s repeatable technology. With a few easy-to-follow steps you’ll be restyling all of your repeatables at the same time. Let's dive in:


Exploring Different Repeatable Blocks & Creating a Repeatable from Scratch

When it comes to repeatables, there a plenty of different stock options available to you in Splash’s block library to choose from. If styling an individual repeatable intimidates you, spend five to ten minutes perusing the library to find your solution. Examples of blocks using repeatable technology can be found in the following folders:

  • Text Blocks
  • Quote Blocks
  • List Blocks
  • Speaker Blocks
  • Sponsor Blocks
  • Schedule Blocks
  • Attendee Blocks
  • Image Blocks
  • Navigation Blocks
  • Social Blocks

As you can see, we have dozens of options available to give to you a good head start in creating the perfect repeatable block. It's best practice to start from these. If you’d rather build your own from scratch, a repeatable element can be added to any block on your event page.



For even more information on customizing individual repeatable cards to separate them from the rest, check out this article here.

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