Troubleshooting and FAQs: Virtual Event Page

You have worked hard to create your fancy Virtual Event Page, but have you encountered some trouble along the way? Check out our FAQ below, designed to help you out and provide you with top-notch troubleshooting tools to ensure that your Virtual Event will be a complete success!

For more information on how to set up and use the Virtual Event Page touchpoint, check out: Hosting events using the Virtual Event Page touchpoint.

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My guest cannot access the content

If some of your guests are unable to access your virtual content, there are a few questions to ask to ensure they can get through the door:

Is your guest unsure of where they can access the event?

1. Check to ensure your guest is on your Guest List. 


2. Confirm the guest has access to their unique check-in link. 


After RSVPing, your guests will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to your Virtual content. You must use the [virtual_event_url] personalization tag in order for guests to receive their unique links to check-in and view the virtual event. This tag can be included in the buttons in your on-page confirmation, email confirmation, and any other email templates of your choice.

Is your guest seeing the "This check in URL has already been used" screen?


It's important to remember that a guest can only be checked in to the virtual event on one browser and on one device at a time. Make sure your guest does not have their link open on multiple browsers or multiple devices.

In the event that a guest checks in on one browser then opens the link on another browser or opens the link on a different device like their phone, the guest will hit the "Already Checked In Screen." The guest must make sure to exit out of any open links, which will mark them as checked out, and then refresh their new window in order to check-in.

If this is not the case, it may be possible that the guest forwarded their confirmation email or sent their check-in link to someone else. If this person already used the link to checked in first, your guest will not be able to check-in to the virtual event. They will have to re-register to the event in order to receive their a new confirmation email and link.

My guest did not receive the confirmation email

The Splash platform uses a rigorous, multi-faceted protocol to ensure optimal email deliverability to businesses and personal inboxes.

It’s important to note, however, that 100% email deliverability should never be the expectation. Check the following article to learn more about email deliverability and see what Splash does to make sure that all of your emails reach their destination:

What does Splash do to ensure deliverability? 

I don't see the button to add the Virtual Event touchpoint to my event. How do I activate the touchpoint?

First, make sure that you are logging into Splash via your Enterprise account. If you are still unable to see the button to add the Virtual Event touchpoint on your Event Overview, make sure to reach out internally to gain access!

I changed my event URL and guests are unable to access my event

If you have modified the event URL after sending out the invites, your guests will not be able to join. Make sure that you re-send the confirmation email, as the dynamic/personalization tag cannot retroactively update for email campaigns that have already been sent out. To resend the confirmation email to your guests, check out:

How do I send a Confirmation Email to an individual attendee?  


I don't have Designer Pro access with my account. Can I still use the Virtual Event Page touchpoint?

Absolutely! You do not need to have Designer Pro activated for your account in order to see the Virtual Event Page touchpoint.

I am unable to edit or design a certain element on my Page States

Throughout your Page States, you will be able to edit the following elements:

Background color & image, logo upload and width, font size and color, link and button color. Our team is working on allowing more advanced design capabilities. In short, you'll be able to edit fonts, colors and logos. 


Note that edits on a Page State will not retroactively reflect on all states so you will have to manually edit each Page State to keep the design consistent.

I have changed my event time. Do I also need to update the 30-minute check-in window for the touchpoint?

No, there's no need to worry about it. The 30-minute check-in window will automatically update depending on your selected event time. 

My iframe isn’t embedding correctly

Some websites do not permit their websites to be iframed for security reasons or have restrictions in place to view the content.  If your content is hosted using an internal tool on your company's website, reach out to your IT team for their current policy. 

For more in-depth information, have a look at the following article: 

What can I embed using an iframe in Splash? 

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