Can I set up multiple Marketo Configurations?

One of the greatest things about Splash's Marketo integration is that it will create your Marketo Program for you. Talk about automation and scale!

But sometimes, your program might require that specific events utilize different base programs for cloning. So, you might want to set up multiple Marketo configurations in your Splash instance to accommodate this. Read on for everything you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re considering a multi-configuration setup.

For more information on how to set up your Splash <> Marketo integration, check out: Introduction to Splash + Marketo


Let's start with the basics: Duplicating your Configuration.

You just completed setup for your first Marketo configuration. Congrats! Now, you'll want to start creating your second one. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you can simply duplicate your configuration so you have a new, identical one ready to go. Just make sure that you give it a scan to adjust some settings, based on this configuration's requirements.



How many configurations should I create? 

 From what we see, most teams are only need one or two configurations (e.g. one being for Webinar events, and all others being for Live events). Additionally, your team should consider potential limits with how much information will be sent over to Marketo at once. We advise that you check in with your Marketo Admin to discuss other tools that might be taking up a significant amount of Marketo API bandwidth. Marketo's Support Team may also be able to assist further when it comes to information on concurrency limits.


Differentiating your configurations with Trigger Conditions.

There are (2) ways to differentiate which events should fire for which configuration: Event Type, and User Group. You can multi-select one of these filters to tell Splash when to create your Marketo Program. Keep in mind - these filters must be mutually exclusive among your configurations. If you have any overlap in these settings, Splash will not know which configuration it should use to clone your program.



What happens if I chose the wrong event type by accident? 

No worries - we got you! If you used the incorrect event type to create your Splash event, and therefore, clone your Marketo program, check to see if you already have guests in your Splash guest list. 

If you already have guests in your guest list, Splash will not clone the program a second time, regardless of which settings you switch. For this case, we recommend duplicating the page or creating a new one from scratch so that your new event will clone the appropriate base program.

If you do not yet have guests in your guest list, then you're in luck! You can change the event type to clone a new program in the purview of a different integration configuration. In order for this to work, you must have "Update" selected under the "Clone Program" setting within you configuration:


Once you change the event type of that particular event, Splash will:

  1. Disable the existing association that's no longer valid. In other words, Splash will forget about the existing program, which potentially has the wrong settings. 
  2. Splash will clone a new Marketo program based on the new base program settings for the new event type, with the correct integration configuration. From there, you'll be good to go! Feel free to delete the old program from your Marketo instance.

For more information on how Splash syncs data in unique situations, check out: How can I troubleshoot Marketo sync discrepancies?


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