Fields in my Marketo program aren't updating. What should I do?

Wondering why your Splash event is not syncing over to your Marketo Program? Checking your Activity Log you might see a similar message.



To get the sync up and running, you'll need to ensure that your Marketo integration is set so Update events to properly sync to Marketo Programs after event creation. This is a simple setting to enable.


But, what does it do?

The Update trigger for the Clone Program action causes the Marketo Program to be cloned when you make an update the Event Settings.

Why should this be set up?

If a Marketo Program wasn't initially created, you can use the Update trigger instead of creating a new Splash event. 

So, how do I set it up?

Head to your Marketo Integration settings within Splash and select Update in the Clone Program trigger.


Next, head back to your Event Page Settings, make a minor change such as changing the start or end date (Don't worry, you can change it back to the original value) and save the changes. Upon saving, the Marketo Update trigger will fire and a Marketo Program will be created.

 Note: If you delete a program in Marketo, Splash will not create a new one on “Update”

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