Managing the Form Library

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Form Library Management
    2.1 Creating a top-level form
    2.2 Applying a top-level form 
    2.3 Updating a top-level form 
    2.4 Saving form styling
3. Access to the Form Library
4. How-To Video

1. Overview

The key to any successful scaled event program is maintaining a library of compliant and branded assets - one of the most important being your event’s registration form. Splash’s Form Library puts quality control in your hands by allowing you to:

  • Create a set of beautiful, standardized forms that can be shared across themes and events.
  • Make updates to questions, legal language, branding, etc. across many themes in seconds.
  • Ensure guest data is being captured and passed to your integrations in a standardized way.

Feel free to skip ahead to the end of this guide to watch a short video lesson!

The Form Library is accessible on both the theme and event level within the upper left-hand corner of the Registration Form touchpoint. Every theme owner will have access to the Form Library, creating a collaborative environment for editing and designing forms across teams. 


In addition to saving all form content (including questions with conditional logic applied), the Form Library will also save all styling that is applied to the form. 

2. Form Library Management

The Form Library allows forms created on the theme and event level to be added, reused, and edited. Let's check out each of these actions below.

 2.1 Creating a top-level form

If you’ve created a form at the theme or event level that you’d like to be added to your library, click Add to Library to save the form.


Make sure to provide the form with a unique name to differentiate it within the Form Library and hit Save.

When saving the form with the same name as another form that already exists the library, an error will appear prompting you to save the form with a different name. This ensures that forms remain separate and organized for easy navigation within the Form Library.

Once the form is successfully saved to the library, the Add to Library button will update with the language Added to Library to confirm the save has processed. 



2.1 Applying a top-level form 

Now it’s time to ensure that everyone in your organization will be able to have this beautiful, compliant form appear each time they create an event. We can achieve this by applying a top-level form to a theme.

From inside the theme’s Form Touchpoint, click on the drop-down menu within the left-hand corner and select Use Form from Library

The Form Library will appear with a list of all your team's saved forms. To apply a form, click on the desired form and select Apply Form.


A confirmation screen will appear to ensure the selected form should be applied.

If you've selected the correct form to apply to your theme and are ready to proceed, click on Confirm to apply the form.


Note: As soon as you apply the form to the theme, all future events created from this theme will contain a copy of the theme’s form, not a reference to the actual form saved to the Library. This means that any updates made to the top-level form won’t reflect in the form on your live event pages. If this is functionality you need, we discuss it more in the next section!

2.2 Updating a top-level form 

There may be cases where you need to update a form that’s already saved to your library - perhaps your terms and conditions link has changed, a new registration requirement came up for your event program, etc.

You can edit an existing form directly from the Library, or by applying the form to a theme or event page. Make your necessary adjustments and then click Save to either update the form with your changes or create a new copy of the form.

Selecting the Update existing form option will apply your newly saved form to all themes and events that are currently using the original version of the selected form.

Heads up! Remember we explained earlier that events created from a theme contain a copy of the theme’s form. When an update is made to a top-level form on a theme, events already created from the theme will not retroactively update by default.

However, you can use the same instructions in the “Applying a form” section above to apply a form from your Library to an existing event. This will create a link between the form on the event and the form in the Library and ensures that any future updates made at the library level will retroactively reflect on the event.

Splash will always notify you with the number of themes and events currently using the form that will be updated. Click Confirm on the next screen to complete the process.

Selecting the Save edited form as a copy option will create a new version of the form within the Form Library and won't impact any other events or themes.


Click on Confirm to create a new form. 

It's important to note that forms within the Form Library can only be updated. Any forms saved to the Form Library cannot be removed or deleted at this time.

2.3 Saving form styling

The design of any form is just as important as its content. In addition to saving all form questions, the font and color swatches of the form will also be saved in their current states.

To put it simply, if the third color swatch is selected as the background color on the saved form, then the third color swatch will also be applied as the background color on any page that uses that saved form. Please notes that the color of the swatches will differ depending on each page's selected color set.

3. Access to the Form Library

The Form Library is currently in limited release. If you don't see this option in your account, your organization may not yet have access.

 4. How-To Video

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