When I share my event on social media, the image is wrong. How do I update this?

Have you recently made changes to your event and noticed the image shared with your event URL is out of date? Cached, outdated information can be frustrating and confusing for you or your attendees, but we're here to help!

The image that is shared across social media platforms is pulled directly from your event card. Check out how to edit your event card with these steps. 

You can even upload your own image in place of the share card, if you'd like! For more information, see our Help Center article with the steps :)

To update your Share Card image to reflect your recent changes, check out the steps below.


The Facebook Settings tool actually controls how your event is portrayed across all social media, including the image displayed on LinkedIn. So if you need to make any updates to the content that displays when your URL is shared, see below:

1. In the event, head to the Settings tab.
2. Click into the Sharing Options section.
3. Under Facebook Settings, select Facebook Debugger's Tool link.
4. Click on the "Show existing scrape information" button.
5. Then click on the "Fetch new scrape information" button. Pro Tip: You may need to click this a couple of times.





If you've uploaded a custom Share card image but have been unable to see this updated on LinkedIn, you're not alone! Metadata information - like your event card - is stored the first time your event page is shared or tested on LinkedIn via the URL and will be cached for a period of approximately 7 days.

Similar to the above, LinkedIn offers a Post Inspector tool that can help you clear the cache and share the updated image!

1. Save the changes you made to your Share Card.
2. Copy your event URL.
3. Head to the LinkedIn Post Inspector tool.
4. Paste in your event URL. 

The image will automatically update! 


Looking to optimize your Share Card for LinkedIn, specifically? We offer the option to convert your events' Share Cards to a landscape view. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning about this option, and please include your internal Program Manager in the conversation.


Now we know you're getting the hang of it! Like LinkedIn, Twitter has a Card Validator tool that can help speed up the cache-clearing process.

1. Save changes made to your event's Share Card.
2. Copy your event URL.
3. Head to the Twitter Card Validator tool.
4. Paste in your event URL.


Voila! It's like magic!


Note: Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other messaging services can store the Share Card image in their cache for up to 7 days. If you need to have this updated sooner, we recommend reaching out to your internal team!


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