How do I integrate Splash with BlueJeans?

Before getting started, you'll want to make sure you have all the necessary requirements in BlueJeans. Be sure you've reviewed the following: Intro to the Splash <> BlueJeans integration

Check out this quick rundown of the setup:


First thing we need to do is create the new integration in Splash: 

  1. While logged in to your Splash account, select the Integrations icon in the left-hand navigation panel.

  2. Select the New Integration button found on the upper right side of the Integrations screen.
  3. Select BlueJeans from the available integrations list.



The integration is now ready to be configured! Now we need to enter the authentication details that you got in step 3 of the Requirement Details:Screen_Recording_2020-04-14_at_12.02_PM.gif

  1. In the BlueJeans Events App Key field, enter the App Key for the Splash app in BlueJeans.
  2. In the BlueJeans Events App Secret field, enter in the App Secret for the Splash app BlueJeans.
    1. If these fields are not valid, you will receive an error upon saving the integration.
  3. Next, provide a descriptive name in the Integration Name field.
  4. Enter in a BlueJeans user email address 
    1. Because BlueJeans requires a Moderator for each event, you'll need to add in a fallback email address that has Events access in BlueJeans. This account will be set as the Moderator when the Splash event creator email address does not have Events access. This does not have to be the email address that set up the integration in BlueJeans.
  5. In the Create Event Trigger field, select Create, Update, or both to indicate when the integration will create an event in BlueJeans. 
    1. Selecting both causes the integration to create a BlueJeans event as well as send requests to update the BlueJeans event when changes are made to it in Splash.
    2. Note: Duplicating events will not create a BlueJeans event. If this is part of your workflow you'll want to have the Update trigger set up as well. 
  6. In the Invite Guest Trigger field, select RSVP Yes to indicate when invitations are sent to guests.
    1. RSVP Yes is currently the only trigger that will sync guest from Splash into BlueJeans.


The next (and last) step is setting up the trigger conditions. These selections can be used to limit when an integration will activate. Events can be triggered for specific event types or for specific user groups.


  1. Click the "Only trigger for specific event types" checkbox and select the desired event type(s) from the list that you only want events in BlueJeans created for.
    1. Without setting the limitation of only activating on a specific event type, the integration creates a BlueJeans event for every Splash event
    2. When more than one BlueJeans integration is configured, they MUST be differentiated by event type.
  2. Click the "Only trigger for specific groups" to only have BlueJeans events be created when Splash events are created from those selected groups.
  3. Under Settings, select the guest statuses you want syncing from BlueJeans back to the Splash guest list and additional restrictions.
    1. We definitely recommend having check-ins selected and check-out is optional based on your program needs. Having both selected will have most accurate guest data syncing back into Splash.
    2. Enabling the restrict events option means only those with BlueJeans credentials can access the BlueJeans event.  

Finally, save the configuration in the bottom right and toggle the integration on to the top right. 

Your integration is now all set, but there's still a lot to learn! Check out Pro Tips: Best Practices for integrating Splash with BlueJeans

If you want to know more about how BlueJeans integrates with Splash, and some ideas to get the best out of it, send your Customer Success Manager a note to get started or request a demo for a Splash Enterprise account.


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