What will happen if my team reaches our daily API limit?

The best part about Splash's integrations? Your guests will sync over to your third party systems flawlessly, without you lifting a finger.

But keep in mind, Splash does set limits on how many API calls your team can make in a single day. This ensures that the platform maintains optimal performance for all users.

If your team attempts to make a high volume of API calls within a single day, you may run the risk of hitting your team's API limit. If you do hit this limit, Splash will stop all syncs for that day. You will be able to begin syncing information the following day, but Splash will not prompt a re-sync for any un-synced information that didn't quite make the cut the day before.

If this happens, we suggest you utilize the Salesforce Debugger to re-trigger the integration for specific events. For all other integrations, reach out to our Support Team. We can trigger a re-sync for you! Just be sure to provide us the URL(s) that need to re-sync.

If you have any questions regarding your API usage, we would suggest connecting with your team's Customer Success Manager. They can provide you with some best practices and recommendations for managing your team's API usage.

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