Pro Tips: Best Practices for integrating Splash with BlueJeans

Set up your BlueJeans integration and are ready for more? We’ve got you’ve covered. Check out all of our best pro tips below to ensure you collect all your necessary data points while providing a flawless guest experience.

First, let's recap the BlueJeans integration in Splash:

  1. An event in BlueJeans will be created when an event is created in Splash.
    • The Splash event creator is added as the moderator of the web conference.
  2. All Splash event attendees will be synced to the BlueJeans event when they RSVP.
    • Their email address is added to the list of participants for the BlueJeans event.
  3. Guests who attended the BlueJeans event will have their Splash status update in real time to Checked In.


 Confirmation emails

  • Every guest that submits an RSVP through your Splash page will get a confirmation email from BlueJeans with their participant webinar link, and a confirmation email from Splash, if those are turned on.

  • These emails from BlueJeans are customizable and they support branding & customization for Event Join Page, Event Registration Page and Invitation Emails. 
  • There currently isn't a functionality to show the email delivery status for Registration Enabled Events in BlueJeans.
    • However if the email delivery fails & get bounced, a notification email is sent to the Event Organizer with the details.

  • With the current integration in Splash, confirmation emails from BlueJeans cannot be suppressed. 

Moderator in BlueJeans

  • Anytime an event in Splash is created by an account who does not have Events access in BlueJeans, the fallback account would become the main moderator on the webinar, with that user being a second moderator.

  • The second moderator will have full access to start the webinar and full access once the webinar has started, but they will not be able to access or edit it beforehand.

  • You can manually add additional moderators via the BlueJeans interface. You can read more about moderator permissions here: BlueJeans Event instructions for Moderator

Page Setup Reminders

  • When creating an event in Splash, be sure to set the Event Type to match the Event Type(s) selected in the action - trigger field within the BlueJeans integration setup.

  • The event End Date, Start Time, and End Time MUST be designated in Splash. If an End Time is not provided, the integration creates a two-hour duration. Additionally, if the event time entered in Splash is longer than 24-hours, the integration adjusts it to a two-hour period in order to successfully create the BlueJeans conference.

  • The time zone selected in the Splash event defines the time zone for the BlueJeans conference. Also, note that BlueJeans enables the setting of personal time zone preferences. This can affect how times appear on for those users.

  • Be sure to add attendees to your Splash event and confirm these same guests are shown in BlueJeans.

Guest Information

  • There is a 15,000 Attendee Capacity, but each Endpoint Type has a maximum number of connections within those limits:
    • Web Browser - Up to 15,000
    • iOS & Android - Up to 15,000
    • Phone - Up to 500
    • Room System - Up to (100 - (Number of Moderators + Presenters))
      Example: If your event has 2 Moderators and 10 Presenters, then the maximum number of Room System Attendees that can join your event is 88.

  • If a guest uses a different email to login into BlueJeans than the one they used to register in Splash, their status won't be updated.

  • Read more about BlueJeans participant limitations in their Help Center article here. 


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