What are SVG elements and how do I add them to my page?

An SVG is a file format that allows vector images to display in a webpage. SVG images scale up and down as needed without losing any quality, making it a great choice for responsive web design.

SVGs are limited in how much detail they can represent, so they are best used when uploading typography, logos, icons, or illustrations within Splash.

An SVG can be uploaded as a file type to an image or Square Element or can be added as its own standalone element.

Here are the two ways to add an SVG to your Splash page:

Adding an SVG to an image or square element

  1. Click the Add Element button.

  2. Add an Image or square element.

  3. Upload the .SVG file.

Adding an SVG element

  1. Click the Add Element button.

  2. Select the SVG element. Upload the .SVG file. 

  3. Click Add to Page.

  4. Open the SVG Options tab. 

  5. Click on Fill to select a color to fill the inside of the SVG.

  6. Click on Stroke to change the color outlining the SVG.

The ability to add an SVG element to a page is available with Designer Pro access

Please note: When you change your theme colors, any SVG elements will change colors as well.

SVGs are not accepted file type for the following:

  • The Email Sender
  • The Share Card
  • An Event Image
  • A Favicon


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