What can I embed using an iframe in Splash?

By using Splash's iframe (Inline Frame) element, you can host webinars, live streams, and more by embedding media in your Splash pages pre-, during-, or post-event.

Iframe elements display content from another website into a frame on the page. You can set the frame's width and height, but the content is determined by the provider website. You also can't iframe raw content like an .mp4 video file to play on-page.

Videos and live streams hosted through media players are among the most popular iframed content, but you'll need to choose a provider that supports iframe embeds. 

Some websites do not permit their websites to be iframed for security reasons or have restrictions in place to view the content. Please note Splash does not support embedding forms from third-party sites. 

How do you know if the site can be iframed? 

If you're planning to iframe content hosted by a media player, you'll often see a share icon that includes an embed code you can copy into Splash.

If you don't see a share option, we recommend researching if the content can be displayed via iframe. There are also free online tools that verify if URLs allow iframing by checking for popular security techniques.

If your content is hosted using an internal tool on your company's website, reach out to your IT team for their current policy.

Have internal content you're looking to host? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a Solutions consulting engagement. 

Heads up: if your third-party link is private, then the embed code you’re using to insert into Splash will likely be private as well. This could impact your ability to embed this into your Splash event page. We recommend making all content public before embedding into Splash for quality assurance.

What should I use to iframe virtual content?

Ultimately, it's up to your marketing team's tech stack and event needs. 

Boost engagement with YouTube and Vimeo, which offer chat features to keep your community active. Both offer virtual event resources like the YouTube Digital Events Playbook and live streaming with Vimeo.

Reach out to your network with Facebook Live or LinkedIn Live for a community feel. 

No matter what you use, our Virtual Events Guide has resources for all Splash features and integrations that keep your virtual events on-brand, connected, and measurable. 


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