How do I style my Sessions?

Ensuring the right Sessions are tied to the right track on your Sessions event page is just as crucial as making sure tags are correctly assigned upon Session creation. This is because your tags define your tracks.

Edits to the Sessions Block and element can be made within both the event page and Sessions page touchpoints:


Click into each touchpoint and locate the Sessions Block to see view the Sessions element. Open the track you'd like to edit  and click on the Session On-Page Display tab:



Upon expanding the tab, there are four primary components to to review:

  • Edit Card Layout
  • Sort and Filter section
  • Button Labels
  • Custom Messaging

The last section is for height matching, a common tool for repeatables, and you can find out more about that at our article: What is Height Matching?

Edit Card Layout

Like other repeatables in Splash, the Edit Card Layout allows you to edit the Master Card for your Sessions. While in the Master Card, you'l be able to design each element on the Sessions Card to tailor to your page aesthetic:

Sort and Filter 

This section helps determine what sessions are going to be displayed and associated with which track. This is probably the most important section of the Sessions On-Page Display tab as this helps determine the way your attendees will view the sessions options.

  • Date Status: This filter helps determine which sessions are available for display on your unique track. You can have all events be shown on the track, or you can filter a track so that it only shows past, ongoing, or upcoming events.
  • Tags: This is the most important filter and is critical in making sure your tracks contain the right sessions. All sessions will display until the unique tags are chosen on this filter.
  • Rooms: This displays sessions by room.
  • Filter Sessions by Date: This allows tracks to display sessions by specific date
  • Sort By: This allows you to sort your Sessions in your track alphabetically, by start time, or by capacity left in a session.

Button Labels

After an attendee has RSVP'd as is directed to the Sessions Page via the on-page confirmation modal, the Sessions registration button will appear:
The button label section allows you to update what text the button will display as a guest interacts with your Session page. Below are the different statuses for which you can edit the button copy.

  • Session Registration: This label will display if a session is available for registration. This status defaults to "Register."
  • Waitlist Registration: This label will display if attendees want to be added to a session waitlist. This status defaults to "Add to Waitlist."
  • Closed Registration: This label will display if a session is closed. This status defaults to "Closed."
  • Guest Registered: This label will display on a session if the attendee has already registered for it. This status defaults to "Added to your Schedule."
  • Guest Waitlisted: This label will display on a session if the attendee is already added to the waitlist. This status defaults to "Added."

My Schedule Guest Registered: This label will display when an attendee pulls up their sessions agenda to review or edit. This default status for this state is set to say "Remove."

Custom Messaging: Custom messaging allows you to edit the copy that guests will see when they encounter the following scenarios:

  • No Search Results Messaging: If an attendee is searching for a session that does not exist in the program or a particular track, this message will will appear under the track:
  • Session Closed Messaging: This messaging will pop on the bottom of the screen if a session registration is either manually closed or at capacity:

With all the tools above, the options for how your Sessions are laid out are numerous! Feel free to reach out to your Pro Support team at if there are questions on these tools.

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