How do I add, remove, or edit a user on my team?

As an Admin in Splash, managing your team has never been easier. Use the Team tab to add, remove, or edit any user's account.Please note, Team Manager is currently in limited release, so your organization may not yet have access. Check out more information on Team Manger here: Introduction to Team Manager

Adding Users

Users can be added one-by-one or with a CSV import right into your Team in Splash. 

When adding users one by one, the team Admin must first decide their role, then add the new user’s email address and assign a group. 

When adding users in bulk via CSV, the file must include the user’s email address, role, and at least one group. It is very important, when creating your CSV, to include role and group names that exist within your Splash team. If any user is listed in the CSV with an invalid email address, or with a role or group name that does not exist, that row will be skipped and the user will not be added to the team.

Similar to adding users one by one, the admin can determine whether existing users with a free account receive a notification email when they are added to the team, but new users will always receive the email to prompt them to create their account and get started.



Editing Users 

Admins can edit a user’s role or group at any time by selecting the user in the Team Manager. Use the Role dropdown to select a new role and the Groups section to select one or more groups. Remember, a user can be in multiple groups but can only have one role.


Removing Users

Any user can be removed from your Team by clicking on their email in the Users section. When removing a user, the team Admin must select another user on the team to transfer the events and data they previously owned. 

Note: Removing a user from a Team removes their access to all enterprise functionality as well as
previously created events, contacts, and custom themes.




An email will be sent to the user when they've been added to a team, removed from a team or their account has been updated. Currently these emails cannot be styled or customized. 



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  • I tried following your instructions and they didn't work.

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  • Hi Perry! Team Manager is on limited release for our Enterprise packages, so you may not have access yet. Coming soon, so be on the lookout for more information from your team!

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  • Will Team Manager be released to Splash for Free accounts? If not, where would I find a guide for user roles in the absence of Team Manager?

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  • Hi there! Team Manager and user roles will only be available with our Enterprise packages. All user and permission functionality on free accounts will remain the same.

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  • Thank you, but I'm new to Splash and I am trying to learn how everything works. I do not have an admin or owner role, and I am trying to find guidance for setting or changing roles for our Splash for Free level account, in order to know what level of permission I'd need to ask the admin/owner to give my account. Is there a Help section for only what we would be able to use? For instance, I don't have the toggle in my Event Settings to create an Unpublished event and then later switch it to Published. Would that be because I don't have permission, or because that function isn't available except at the Enterprise package level? Thanks.

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  • Hi there! The Publish/Unpublish feature is for paid Enterprise packages only, you can check out more info here -

    Feel free to email us at with any other questions!

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