How do I integrate Splash with GoToWebinar?

Create an on-brand, connected, and measurable virtual events experience by integrating Splash with GoToWebinar using a variety of software connectors. 

What does it mean to integrate using a connector? Splash offers native integrations with marketing automation softwares like Marketo or iPaaS softwares like Zapier. Those softwares then connect with many other softwares in the market like GoToWebinar. 

Integrating Splash with GoToWebinar through a connector allows you to easily host meaningful virtual events while not comprising data. 


To access Splash's integrations, you'll first need a Splash for Business Enterprise license.

Choosing which connector your team will use will depend on your marketing team's tech stack and integration needs. 

Interested in hearing from Splash experts on what could work for your team? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a Solutions consulting engagement.

Below, we cover general capabilities through two connectors: Zapier and Marketo.

Getting Started with Zapier

While Splash can best guide on the Splash-Zapier integration supported natively, we've created an overview video to highlight the capabilities of connecting GoToWebinar through Zapier.

Getting Started with Marketo

In order to utilize GoToWebinar, you'll need to establish a Marketo integration (v2) within Splash. Check out more info here: Introduction to Splash + Marketo.

First, set up Marketo to create new base program template for when a Splash events are created.

  1. In your Marketo instance, create a new Channel Type for "Event with Webinar". This will be the default webinar Channel settings in Marketo.

  2. Create a new base template campaign to use when a new event in Splash is created.

More details on the Marketo-GoToWebinar setup can be found here: Marketo / GoToWebinar integration.

Next, set up Splash setup to 

  1. Create a new Marketo v2 integration using the below documentation. If you already have an existing integration, you can use the Duplicate option to create a new integration for webinar events.

    How do I Create and Authenticate a Marketo (v2) Integration?
    Configuring Marketo (v2) integration triggers

  2. Name the new Marketo integration for webinar events.

  3. Adjust the trigger conditions for event types on the Marketo integration. 

    IMPORTANT: If you have more than one Marketo integration set up in Splash, you must select "Only trigger for specific event types" on all integrations, so that each individual event type is only in one instance. 

  4. Select the new base template created in Marketo for webinar events.

  5. For new integrations, set up Token Mapping, Program Channel Status Mapping and Lead Field Mapping.

  6. Save.

Need a new event type set up in Splash? Send our team a note and we'll get it added for you. 




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