How do I prepare my Sessions CSV file for import?

When bulk importing your Sessions CSV file, it is crucial to ensure your Sessions are uploaded without any issues. Properly preparing your CSV file is the first step! 

Did you know the Import CSV feature uses the same format as Export CSV? So, one way to prepare your Sessions CSV file is to create your first Session within the Sessions Manager, and then export that Session into a CSV file.

Pretty neat, right? Alternatively, if you'd prefer to create your own CSV file from scratch, use the following steps to ensure your Sessions CSV file is setup correctly. 

For best results, make sure your spreadsheet does not contain any errant or extraneous characters (e.g. asterisks, commas, accents, etc.), as these can cause issues during the upload process.

Creating a Sessions CSV file

1. Using your favorite data spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Sheets, create columns making sure to use the following names for each column header.

  • Name (Title of Session)
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Description 
  • Tags 
  • Room Name (Room number)

2. Populate your Sessions data into each column as needed. 

3. Save or Export your new Sessions file as a CSV and you're all set. 

Pro Tip: Use commas to separate multiple tags per session track.


Check out this screenshot of our example bulk Sessions spreadsheet below.


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