Intro to Splash's BlueJeans integration

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BlueJeans is a video conferencing tool frequently chosen to host webinars for its simplicity and ease of use. As a leader in the event marketing space, Splash has created a way to seamlessly link with BlueJeans to host virtual events.

This combination enables Splash users to synchronize Splash events with their preferred video conferencing tool. The power of the integration happens behind the scenes, making configuration in Splash itself very straightforward.

Check out this video from Splash pros for a rundown of the flow:


So, what does the integration do?  

  1. An event in BlueJeans will be created when an event is created in Splash.
    • The Splash event creator is added as the moderator of the web conference.
  2. All Splash event attendees will be synced to the BlueJeans event when they RSVP.
    • Their email address is added to the list of participants for the BlueJeans event.
  3. Guests who attended the BlueJeans event will have their Splash status update in real time to Checked In.



There are just four prerequisites to creating a Splash-BlueJeans integration:

  1. Splash for Business Enterprise account 
  2. Enterprise BlueJeans Events account 
    1. We currently only integrate with BlueJeans Events which creates webinars to host guests. We do not have an integration with BlueJeans Meetings. 
    2. With Events access in BlueJeans, you by default do not see webinars from others on your team.
  3. BlueJeans Client ID and Secret (must be a BlueJeans Admins to generate)
    • These are located in Admin > Events > OAuth access > APP secret and Admin > Events > OAuth access > App Key.
    • To create a new App Key and App Secret, click Add New App at the bottom of the OAuth Access tab.
  4. Splash and BlueJeans user emails must match for the integration to work.
    1. In order for this to be successful, the account setting up the integration in Splash must be the exact same email address with the BlueJeans account.

Now you're ready to go! Check out our step-by-step guide to get started: How do I integrate Splash with BlueJeans? 

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