What are the roles in Splash?


With Splash's new Team Manager, each user in your team will be assigned one role. The role indicates the access and permission that a user has within Splash.   

Here is a quick look at the roles in Splash and their corresponding permissions:



The role you have determines the maximum permissions you will have access to in Splash. 

  • Admin
    • These users have unrestricted access to the Splash platform, from user access management to guest communications. In other words, an Admin holds all the power and has access to all permissions across the product.
  • Group Manager
    • Group Managers define which users belong to which groups. They help the team access and manage the right events and guest list information through the Groups section of the Team Manager. They do not have access to User Management and Role Assignment in Team Manager. 
  • Creative Specialist  
    • Creative Specialists manage the look and feel of every event marketing touchpoint. They uphold the company brand and keep it on point by having access to Designer Pro and custom themes.
  • Integrations Specialist 
    • Integrations Specialists are responsible for configuring Splash integrations, such as Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot, to automate and improve the team's workflows. They can create and edit top level integrations that span across all events in an organization, but do not have access to the Team tab or Designer Pro.
  • Event Organizer
    • Event Organizers uphold the guest experience. From event page copy to registration collection, quality event programs rest in their hands. With a focus on everything at the event level, they do not have access to Advanced Design, Team Management, or integration configurations.
  • On-site Specialist 
    • On-site Specialists guarantee a quality in-person experience. They have complete control over the Guest List and are pros when it comes to editing, registering, and checking in guests. All other functionality within the Splash platform, like creating, editing, and managing events or teams, cannot be accessed.
  • Viewer (Read Only)
    • Viewers are in the loop when it comes to guest registration, data, and reporting. These users have access to event and guest data reporting, but cannot modify this information in any way. 


Access is defined by the below seven categories:

  • User and Role Management 
    • Access to User List and Roles section in the Team tab to add new Users and edit Roles. 
  • Group Management 
    • Access to the Group section in the Team tab to create new groups and edit group access. 
  • Advanced Design and Custom Themes
    • Access to Designer Pro and the ability to save your own custom themes. 
  • Integrations
    • Access to configure organization level and event level integrations for your team.
  • Event Creation
    • Access to create events in Splash, with full access to brand and customize events through the Event Page, Form, Confirmations, Email Sender, Guest List, and Settings. 
  • Guest Communication 
    • Ability to create, send and schedule emails through the Email Sender. 
  • Guest Data
    • Access to the Guests or RSVP tab in all events, with the ability to manage guests through import, export, lists, and tags. 
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