How do I import or export my Sessions?

So, you've prepared your Sessions CSV file, checked for errors, and are now ready to import your Sessions data? Perfect. Just follow the steps under Import Sessions CSV file and you'll have those Sessions imported in no time.

Only looking to export? Click here for the Export Sessions CSV file steps below.

Import Sessions CSV file

1. From the Event Dashboard, click into the Sessions tab.

2. Using the top menu bar, select the dropdown button to click on Import CSV.


3. When prompted, select your Sessions CSV file and proceed.

4. Verify your columns are associated with the appropriate Splash fields.

Pro Tip: Select Skip Column if you decide you no longer want to import a specific column. 


5. Select Finish to upload your Sessions.

6. Refresh your page after you get a Sessions Import Complete message.


You're all set! 


You can checkout these import steps in action below.




Export Sessions CSV file

Exporting your Sessions has never been easier whether you need to share your Sessions data with your team or just need to export your example Sessions CSV file, just follow these steps below from the Sessions Manager tab.  

1. Select Export Sessions.

2. Acknowledge that all Sessions will be exported to a CSV file and select Export.

3. You're all set. 






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