Using Splash’s Zapier integration to connect with Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing and webinar tool that can help you throw virtual events. With Splash, we make it easy to integrate with Zoom through our Zapier integration. Zapier is a platform that connects softwares to send information between apps. 

Learn more about our Zapier Integration here.


There are three prerequisites to creating a Splash-Zapier-Zoom integration:

  1. As with all integrations, you must have a Splash Enterprise account.
  2. You must have a Zapier account. Creating and using a Zapier account is free, but if you're truly looking to adopt Zapier into your Splash organization's workflows, you'll probably need to make an investment in a Premium plan. 
  3. You must have a paid Zoom account with webinar access. 

Recommended Setup

There are two ways to create a Splash-Zapier-Zoom integration, through Splash's webhook framework or through Zapier's Zoom app. 

The Splash Solutions team has thoroughly tested each option to bring you a recommendation fit for the pros:

  1. A webhook framework - Verified and tested
  2. Zapier's Splash app - Has limitations and delayed triggers

We 100% recommend using the webhook framework, as this allows for webinars to be created automatically and has a more flexible and reliable setup. We explore the webhook framework below:

If you are still interested in using Zapier's Zoom app to get by while you set up the webhook framework, you can get started below. 

Getting Started

First, you will start with creating a Splash event. If you already have a Splash event created, you are good to go here.

Next, you will want to make sure that you have created an upcoming webinar in ZoomBe sure to create a Webinar that requires “Registration”. Creating webinars in Zoom is currently a paid functionality offered by Zoom, for more details about adding it to your plan go to or contact your team's zoom admin.


  1. All Splash event registrants will be synced to Zoom through Zapier when they RSVP

    • Their email address is added to the list of registrants for the Zoom webinar.

    • Keep in mind: You must create a Zap per each event that you want integrated.

If you have existing Splash event pages and Zoom webinars you'd like to integrate, let's connect Splash to Zoom!

Creating a Splash Event

  1. Create a Splash event from your Events Dashboard


    or Themes Dashboard, depending on your team's workflow.


  2. Continue to edit the event page's design, registration form, and confirmations. Check out our virtual event features that'll ensure your webinar goes off without a hitch.

Scheduling a Webinar in Zoom

  1. Go to the Webinar section of zoom to “Schedule a Webinar”.


  2. Schedule the webinar for the appropriate time and date.
  3. In the Registration section, check off "Required".


  4. Confirm the webinar is showing up in your Upcoming Webinars section.


Connecting Splash to Zoom

Once you have a Zapier account, log in, and let's create our Zap!

  1. Go to the left side menu to create a new “Zap”. 


  2. In the Choose App & Event section, find the Splash app. This will trigger when someone RSVPs to an event.


  3. Authenticate your Splash account by searching and selecting your account. If you are already logged in to Splash on a different window, the authentication process is simpler. Click Authorize when prompted.


  4. On the Customize Attendee section, select the event to connect to.


  5. Then click on “Test and Continue.” Note: you can choose to skip the test if you don’t have any attendee data at the Splash event.

  6. Now that you have your Trigger, pick what Action to take:
    • Select the Zoom Application.
    • Select the Action of “Create Registrant”.
    • Click Continue.


  7. Authenticate your Zoom account by searching and selecting your account. If you are already logged in to Splash on a different window, the authentication process is simpler. Click Authorize when prompted.


  8. Select all the options to “Customize Create Registrant” option:
    • Select the Webinar you want to connect with.
    • Select the Splash email to be the Zoom Webinar Registrant Email.
    • Select the Splash First Name to be the Zoom Webinar Registrant First Name.
    • Select the Splash Last Name to be the Zoom Webinar Registrant Last Name.
    • Click continue. Note: You can choose to skip the test if you don’t have any attendees in the Splash event.


  9.  Last but not least, be sure to Turn on the ZAP.


That's it! You're now ready to crush your next virtual event using Splash+Zoom.

Pro Tips:

1. Be sure to map "Time Zone" as a field to sync from Splash to Zoom

2. Require a duration for your event (in minutes). By default, Zapier will set this to 60 minutes. If you'd like the Splash team to set this field up for you via your custom create flow, let us know and we can help!



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