What limitations can I set for ticket purchases?

Looking to set some limitations on your ticketed event? We've got you covered. 


Ticket Limit once per email 

  • This setting, when checked, requires a unique email address to be entered on each ticket in an order.


  • Purchasers will see an error message if the same email address is used on both tickets.


  • These unique email addresses will appear in the RSVPs tab as individual guests. 

  • Activate this option in Settings -> Privacy.


Limit One Order per Email 

  • This setting restricts a purchaser to only be able to submit one order, while they can get multiple tickets and ticket types within the order.


  • A purchaser will need to add their email before submitting the ticket form. Once added here, the same email address will carry over onto the ticket check out page under Purchaser Information. 
  • Activate this option in the Tickets tab.

Unsure what settings to apply?

So are we! It all depends on your event needs. Let’s figure it out together:

  • Only want an individual to get a single ticket for themselves, but still get tickets for others? You’ll want to use Ticket Limit once per email.
  • Want someone to only make one order, but get as many tickets as they’d like within that order? Use Limit One Order per Email.
  • Looking to restrict people from getting more than 1 ticket, across the board? Feel free to use both settings for the highest precaution.

Finally, check out how to place even stricter limits per ticket type--such as max quantity and specific availability:


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