Can I save my own custom question to a form for use across events?

Yes! With our form builder you have the ability to create a custom question that can be saved for future events to save time.

Note: These saved questions are on an individual user level and can only be accessed by the account who created the custom question.

Here are steps for an example of adding a custom dropdown question with a list of answer options that can be used on future events when needed:

1. Click on Add Question from form touchpoint

2. Click on Custom Questions

3. Select Dropdown and click Add to Form

4. Type in label name for question

5. Copy the list of responses to be added as dropdown options

6. Paste into options field (they will populate as individual options)

7. Click on Save question icon

8. Name saved question

9. You can now see the saved question when you go back to the Add Question button and select the My Questions tab!


This custom saved question will be available across any events you create moving forward!

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