Why does the total guest count on the Host app not match the Guest List on desktop?

You're ready to go for the big event, pull up the Host app to check in your guests, but the most important thing looks incorrect: the total guest count. 

First things first, let's be sure we're looking at the correct guest filters. 

Viewing Attending and Checked In Guests

The default filter will show only Attending and Checked In guests. 


Viewing All Guests

1. In the guest list, click the top three dots to open the Filter Options.

2. Scroll down and open the Status dropdown.

3. Click Download next to the Awaiting Reply and Added options.

4. Click Apply to apply the new filters to the guest list.

5. After the download is complete, swipe down to refresh.



Guest count still doesn't match your Guest List?

Occasionally, a deleted guest or transfer in event ownership can cause a discrepancy. Reach out to our team right away, and we'll help provide the true count. 

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