How can I update the preview image for my theme?

When you create a theme, a preview image will be created for your theme, which will appear in your Themes Dashboard:


If you'd like to update the image that appears, you can do so from your theme! To do so:

  1. Open your Theme.
  2. Click into Theme Tab in the top right-hand corner.Screen_Recording_2020-01-15_at_11.31_AM.gif
  3. Click the gear icon next to "Theme." Screen_Recording_2020-01-15_at_11.33_AM.gif
  4. Click on the current preview image. Screen_Recording_2020-03-24_at_06.16_PM.gif
  5. Upload your new preview image.
  6. Click "Update Theme."

Now, you're all set! This will be the new preview image for your theme.


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