How do I add collaborators while duplicating a page?

If duplicating events is a part of your workflow, you may find yourself spending too much time deleting and adding collaborators.

To speed up your workflow, you can determine the new page's group collaborators right within the duplication screen. Please note: adding event-level collaborators is not available at this time. 


Selecting the group collaborators from this screen will override any default groups that are normally added to newly created pages. 

If you do not select a group, the default groups collaborators will still be added. 

To request activating this feature for your team, reach out and let us know if you'd like to test it out or apply to your full team.

For advanced needs, teams can request further customization to:

  • Change the default label that says "Groups"
  • Specify the groups that can be selected, like limiting to a check-in group or adding groups an account is not already in
  • Make adding a group required before creating the new event
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