My block is the same size as my browser window even when I make edits. How do I edit the height?

Some Splash themes have a custom setting on blocks to dynamically match the height of the block to viewer's screen size. This means the block will always be full screen. In these cases, using the regular Height styling options won't have an effect.

To see if this applies to your block, you'll need access to Designer Pro editing mode.

  1. Select the block from the Layout tab.
  2. Click into the name of the block to access the block-level styles. 
  3. Scroll down to open the Properties dropdown.

  4. In the Custom Classes section, look for autoWindowHeight. You may need to select all and copy the text in another location to see if the class exists if there are many custom classes added to your block. 


Don't see the class but still experiencing the issue? This class may also appear on containers or elements. 

If this class is added to your block, then the block will always be full screen, no matter the device. If the class is removed, the block will automatically equal the height of the elements it contains plus any additional margin and padding. 

To remove the dynamic setting and update the height manually:

  1. Select the text autoWindowHeight and delete using the keyboard. Be careful - don't delete any other existing classes!
  2. Save at the top of the page.
  3. Refresh your browser. Depending on your block's style, you may see a portion of the next block now "above the fold".
  4. Option: Navigate back to the block-level styles and add a minimum or maximum height, but not both.

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