What happens when I share my theme?

Sharing themes within your organization, a group, or with a specific user is a great way to save time, and from the Themes dashboard, it's a snap!

Once shared though, what happens? Well, that depends. 

  • If the theme is only shared, but the account or group is not added as a collaborator on the theme, then the theme will appear on their Themes Dashboard to view and use to create an event.Image_2019-12-12_at_9.56.44_AM.png
  • The theme will also appear in the event create flow as an option to choose from under "Yours":Image_2019-12-12_at_9.56.02_AM.png
  • If an account or group is added as a collaborator to the theme, then they can edit and share the theme from the Themes Dashboard, as well as view the theme in the event create flow.

Important: Simply sharing a theme does not give the recipient editing access. You will need to add the account as a collaborator on the theme to grant editing access.

Check out how to add collaborators to your theme below. 

  1. Head to the Settings button to the left of your Event dashboard page.
  2. Click the Collaborators section.
  3. Enter the name and email address of your collaborator and click "Add Collaborator."
  4. Click the Save button to send the invitation!
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