How do I keep an event unpublished until it's ready to go live?


With the event publish feature, you now have the ability to control when a page goes live to the public. Quick note, this feature is for Enterprise only.

Why would I use this feature?

  1. To review and approve events before marketing an event
  2. To edit an event page before it is indexed by Google and other search engines
  3. To remove an event when it has ended

You can toggle between Published and Unpublished statuses in your Event Settings: 



Characteristics of an unpublished event

  • Event Owners and Collaborators will be able to access test their event URL while an event is unpublished. Whenever an Event Owner or Collaborator edits or previews an Event Page, a notification will appear stating that the page is unpublished.

  • The URL for the event is inaccessible to everyone except the Event Owner and Collaborators of the event when an event is unpublished. Any visitor that lands on an unpublished page will be directed to a Coming Soon screen.





  • The ability to send emails via Splash's Email Sender is blocked. An Event Owner must publish the event before sending emails.Image_2020-02-18_at_5.45.11_PM.png
    • Event Owners and collaborators can still test their emails through the "Send Test" button on the Email Sender.


  • Un-publishing an event does not create a draft mode for CMS changes. This simply makes the event URL accessible or inaccessible. 
  • Un-publishing an event does not archive it. The page still exists in the Events Dashboard.
  • The unpublished status does not currently exist in integrations. Meaning that it won't have any effect your integrations.

Unpublished on creation

You can have the default state of an event to be unpublished on creation.

NoteThis means that if an event is created through the Splash create flow, through a growth machine, the importer, or the API, it will have the same published/unpublished status across your entire team. 

Pro Tip: Set your events to be published directly from your Events Dashboard! Just click the checkbox next to the event and you'll see an option to publish or unpublish:


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