How do I view a Guest's history within an event?

Disclaimer: Not all organizations have access to "Change History" information automatically. If you're not seeing it when following the below steps, reach out to Pro Support, and we'd be happy to look into providing access!

Accidentally change a guest's status and can't remember what to switch it back to?

In your Guest List, you can add a column to display your guest's history within an event. This is helpful to be able to pinpoint when information about a guest was updated.

To add this column:

  1. Head to the Guests tab.
  2. Click on the "Columns" buttonImage_2019-12-19_at_12.43.08_PM.png
  3. Search for "Change History" and select this option.
  4. Click Save!

You should now see the "Change History" column in your Guest List with exact date and time details:


This is a log of every change that occurred with a guest. You can see status changes, when answers to questions were updated, contact information changes, etc.

It's an all-around great way to keep tabs on information that might be changing all the time.

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