Updating your event's sharing description and image for Slack

So you shared your event URL on Slack, but the description just isn't right. What can be done to fix this?

No need to fear! Making updates to how your event is portrayed across social media is easy--we're here to clear things up.

Under the Settings section of your event, you'll see a Sharing Options tab where you can make edits to the Social Media settings: 


You may notice there is no Slack option, but alas! The answer lies within the Facebook Settings.


The Facebook Settings tool actually controls how your event is portrayed across all social media, including the image displayed on LinkedIn. So if you need to make any updates to the content that displays when your URL is shared, just head straight to this section.

Once you've made the desired updates, use the Facebook Debugger tool to fetch new scrape information and clear the search cache for your event. Learn more about using this tool here


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