How can I ensure my font palette is accessible across the globe?

Typography is one of the fundamental pillars of design as it relates to branding, readability, and accessibility. This is why it’s important for you to consider which font families support the most characters sets when selecting your font palette to ensure your design delivers a consistent look and feel to any audience, especially across global programs!

For pages that include multiple languages, double check that your fonts are applying properly to all translations. If the font isn’t rendering characters or isn’t consistently applied across the text, it’s likely not all of the foreign characters are supported by the chosen font’s code. 

Thus the Unicode Standard was born! Unicode is an international character encoding standard that assigns unique codes to characters from every language to enhance accessibility across all browsers, platforms, and devices.

Splash offers a variety of public fonts that you can use to curate a beautiful font palette. For international pages, Fira SansLato and Open Sans have proven to support the largest number of foreign characters. You also have the creative freedom to upload your own custom fonts. We recommend researching which font families best support the languages you’ll be using.

Want more tips for creating your event pages in foreign languages? Check out our FAQ: How do I create an event page in a foreign language?
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