How can I generate dummy email addresses for guests?

For events with a large number of attendees, you may wonder, what differentiates every attendee response, analytic, and status? The answer here is the attendee's email address.

If you don't have access to attendee email addresses, you may also wonder: Can I add or import guests without email addresses?

As the above article states, each email address must be unique to capture the attendee in your Guest List.

When adding or importing contacts into your guest list with the same email address, this will overwrite contact information or be skip the contact entirely.

We are aware that there are some events where you'll need to upload a CSV of pre-populated guests that may not have email accounts attached to their contact info. To help out with these cases, we have a dummy email generator!

By updating the [company_name] in the below XLSX file and dragging the updated column to the number of guests you need, you can now generate dummy emails and upload guests without email addresses to your Guest List.


Link to download. 

Keep in mind, you can always edit your attendee information and update these emails in the future. Find out more here: How do I edit a guest's information?

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