Can I share my Splash account with someone else?

We get it - it may seem easier to use the same login as one of your team members when making edits to an event page. However, Splash does not allow nor recommend multiple people using the same login. Here's why:

  • Corrupt data potential: Don't run the risk!
  • Loss of work: Changes made to the event page, settings, and other features may be over-saved
  • Tracking: Determining who made what edits becomes difficult when multiple people use the same account
  • Forced logouts: Our platform will block multiple people from using the same account at the same time

It is imperative that each person logging into the tool have their own separate login.

Please note that when it comes to the Host App (iOS and Android), sharing logins for check-ins and registration is definitely possible, as there is no risk of data corruption or loss. Keep in mind that all devices must remain logged into while your check-ins are syncing back to the guest list. If someone logs out of one of the devices in the middle of the data syncing, this could cause all check-in data to be lost and non-recoverable. 

Check out more details and best practices when using our host app here!

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