How can I edit the Contact the Organizer footer?

After you've successfully created an event page and are scrolling through, you'll probably end up at this familiar footer at the very bottom:


This is added so that attendees can reach out to the Event Owner with any inquiries they may have. You'll notice, however, that while the footer exists, it's not an editable block in your layout tree. This is because any changes made here require Javascript on the backend and need to be requested through our Support Team.

What kind of Contact the Organizer footer edits can be requested?

- Translate the "Contact the Organizer" copy. This is handy if you're created an event page in a foreign language.

- Remove the calendar icon. The calendar icon allows attendees to easily add the event to their calendar, but it can be taken out if you'd like.

- Change the Contact the Organizer form. Upon clicking the Contact the Organizer button, a form modal will pop up. Our Support Team can help you update the questions you're asking here and even change the color of your button to be on brand if need be.

Note: The edits here are limited to adjusting question titles only. No questions can be added here, and only the Company question can be removed.


- Remove the Contact the Organizer footer. This is completely doable, but keep in mind, this removes the ability for your attendees to easily reach out with any inquiries they may have. We recommend publishing an alternate form of communication on the page if you opt to remove the default footer.

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