How do I connect my Brother QL-810W Printer to Wifi so I can print badges?

*Important note: Badge Printing is currently only available on iOS devices.


Using the QL-810W badge printer and need to know how to connect it to the same wifi as your Splash Host App? In order to connect your QL-810W badge printer, you'll need: 

  1. A computer 
  2. USB Cable to transfer wireless information

Note: these directions are for the QL-810W badge printer, specifically, and not any other printers.


1. Confirm the Wireless Direct Settings of the Label Printers. Then, connect the Label Printer to your computer using a USB Cable. 

  • For Windows 
    1. Launch the Printer Settings Tool on your computer 
    2. Click the [Communication Settings] button 
    3. Click the [General] tab 
    4. Confirm [Infrastructure and Wireless Direct] or [Wireless Direct] is selected for [Selected Interface] 
  • For Mac
    1. Launch the Printer Settings Tool on your computer 
    2. Click the [Communication Settings] button 
    3. Click [Wireless LAN] tab 
    4. Confirm [Wireless Direct] is set to [On] 

2. Activate the Connection.

Press and hold the Wifi button on your Label Printer for one second to turn the Wifi function on. The Wifi LED starts flashing blue once every three seconds. 

3. In the Wifi Settings screen of your mobile device, select the SSID of the Label Printer and enter the password. 

Now your badge printer is connected to your mobile device! Next, it's time to open up the Splash Host App and configure the settings.

Host App Badge Printing Settings

You can prioritize the information printed on the badge.

1. On your Dashboard tab, scroll down and select Badge Printing, then navigate to Printer Settings.

2. Use the checkboxes to fine-tune your printing experience:

Auto-printing - If you'd like a badge to be printed upon check-in, check the box. If you'd like to print badges manually, make sure the box is not selected.

You can also auto-print labels immediately upon a guest's on-site registration. You just need to ensure the guest's Default Status will be set to Checked In.

Note: The Default Status of Checked In will need to be set for Quick Registration and Kiosk Mode!

Primary Label - The default option is Full Name, but you can select if you want to display just First or Last.

Secondary Label - Any response to a custom RSVP question (i.e. Company, Job Title) can be shown beneath the attendee's name.

3. Hit the Save bar.




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