Can my email templates look exactly like my event page?

Our email templates are designed to have their own unique layouts that beautifully complement your event page layout and branding. You can think of emails as the simplified version of your event page; built to deliver concise event information and messaging to your guests while the event page delivers the robust design.

We also realize the importance of brand consistency and ensuring your font and color palettes maintain their integrity across all touchpoints in Splash. While the color palette within the email template will be consistent with the theme's color palette, most custom fonts are not supported across most email platforms.

Note: Splash offers 20+ web-safe fonts that have proven to display consistently across various devices and browsers!

If you're trying to perfectly match the design of your email template to your event page, you can do so by using the Image Only email template. You'll need to use 3rd party screen capture tools to grab a full-page image of your event page. We recommend Awesome Screenshot!

Once the page layout has been saved as an image, you can upload the image into your email template. To get started, scroll to the Start Fresh section to select the Image Only option when creating a new email template. 


While it's possible to match your email template and event page design, there are several limitations to consider.

  • Using the Image Only email template limits your ability to use dynamic tags within the body of your email due to using a single image to convey your event details. However, you can still add additional Text elements to your template to utilize dynamic tags.
  • If your event page design is lengthy with large amounts of text content, we do not recommend this option as the text can become illegible.
  • Excessive use of images can cause your emails to end up in spam. To learn more about email deliverability best practices, check out our FAQ: How do I avoid the dreaded spam folder when sending emails?
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