Can I reuse a previous Splashthat domain for a new event?

Many Splash customers use the platform to host repeat events, like a monthly yoga class or an annual food festival.

If you'd like to keep your domain consistent for all your events, try these tricks!

1. Give the URLs a date


2. Delete old event to free up its domain

When Splash claims a domain, that domain cannot be used by any other user, or for any other event. But if you'd like to continue using the same domain, you can delete your previous event all together. Just keep in mind - deleting an event is no joke! Triple check to make sure that you have everything you need from that event page before hitting Delete.

We recommend not deleting any ticketed events where transactions were processed just in case you need to reference these for financial purposes.

3. Edit the URL of your old events

If you aren't ready to say goodbye from your old event, but would like to re-use that domain - simply edit the domain for your old event. Adding a "1" or "A" at the end will free up your custom domain, while keeping your old events safe and sound in your dashboard!

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