What is a Hidden Input, and when should I add one to my Form?

Whether you're getting your event ready to import your .CSV to your Guest List or setting things up for your integration's field mappings, Splash's Form Builder gives you the tools to capture data without affecting the questions displayed on the form your guests see.

This is where adding a Hidden Input comes in. The Hidden Input question type creates a field that is visible only on your end and can be used for a multitude of cases in Splash, such as:

  • Creating an area for additional notes
  • Adding question/answer data from other events
  • Assigning external Identifiers for Tracking
  • Integration field mapping

Including one on your form is just like adding any other question. Head to the Registration Form section of your event page to get started:

  1. At the bottom of the Questions section of the Form Layout, click on the Add Question button.
  2. In the modal the appears, choose Create New on the top right.
  3. The Hidden Input option will appear on the left. Click this, and hit the Add to Form button.
  4. On the right, add the question Label. This will automatically fill in the Field Name. Rest assured, neither will appear on the form.

  5. Once saved you'll find a new Custom: column in the Guest List and Reporting Dashboard, which will include your Hidden Input's Field Name


    Pro Tip: Any Question's Label can be edited at any time, but the Field Name can only be set once upon creation, and cannot be updated. This is integral for ensuring things map consistently across events if you decide to duplicate the page, or implement these inputs into a Theme. You can learn more about Field Names here.
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