When should I duplicate an event versus create one from a theme?

Duplicating events works great for one-off use cases, but we generally don’t advise continuously duplicating your event pages. Instead, we recommend creating events fresh from your approved themes.

Why? For Scale!

  • On-brand Design - Your team can make updates at the theme level and have these carry down to newly created pages, making your themes the most up-to-date designs.
  • Compliance - All registration form questions are created and managed on the theme, so keep your events compliant by using your program's approved themes.
  • Platform stability - Our platform’s technology is upgraded over time, so you'll want to make sure you're using the most recent features.

Note: Some programs are prevented from duplicating events to ensure compliance and consistency across their event campaigns.

Reach out to your program manager or submit a request to Splash Support for guidance in updating your themes.

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