How do I identify those who are +1s on my Guest List?

Looking to identify who are your primary attendees and who are +1s? Guest List column management makes this crystal clear.

After someone has RSVP'd to your event with a +1, you can head to your Guests tab and see both the Attending guests listed.



There are a variety of ways to differentiate between the primary attendees and +1s. First, you'll want to click the Columns button on the upper right to open the below pop-up:


Here's what you'll see if the Number of Guests and Total Attending boxes are checked off:



The Number of Guests column reflects 1 for the primary attendee and 0 for the +1. The Total Attending column reflects both the primary attendee and the total number of +1s accompanying them.


Now, let's add the Guests Names and Guest Of __ columns: 



These columns allow you to quickly see who a primary guest is bringing and who a +1 is associated with.



These column options can also be used as filters. If you want to see only a list of +1s, head to Filters, select "By Guest Info" and then "Guests of __." 



Or, vice versa--filter to only view those who are your primary guests.




Don't forget--any column views or filters stay on the page until you clear them! 

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