How do I update the Text Style in the Countdown Block?

The following can only be done while in Designer Pro Mode!

The text within a Countdown Block added from our Block Library is capitalized by default. You may notice that when you attempt to edit this, no change occurs.

This is likely because you're editing the Whole Element within the block, and in the case of the Countdown Block, you only want to edit the text element (you can also edit just the numbers, too).

To update a specific component within the Countdown Block:

1. Click into the Countdown Block - The editable content will be located in your Content Container in this block.

2. Underneath the Content Container, select the Countdown element.


3. Update the targeted element from "Whole Element" to "Only text."

4. Open the font dropdown.

5. Select Text Transform and update the text within your Countdown Block with the desired settings.


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