How do I create events or themes from pages with outdated forms?

New year, new form.

Running into one of these error message when attempting to create a new event?


The theme or page you've selected is operating on an older version of our RSVP form technology. We no longer support this version as of December 2019. 

We’re moving out with the old and in with the new to give you a consistent form-building experience with new features. Don’t worry, we’d never leave you hanging. Read on for how to identify and recreate registration forms. 

Note: If you're receiving an error message when creating an event from a ticketed theme, head back to your Events Dashboard and click the Create Event button. You'll still be able to create an event from a ticketed theme until future updates.

How do I check my events for outdated RSVP forms? 

First, here’s how to identify an outdated form to avoid running into the error that prevents event creation or duplication. 

Outdated: before December 2019


New: 2020 and beyond


How do I create an event from a theme or page with an outdated RSVP form?

You must create a new event to use the new Form Builder, but you can transfer the design and email templates to maintain the same look and feel. 

You will need to re-create your registration form, but with the new Form Builder, you can build the design and questions all in one place. Read more in our full guide: How do I build a form?

To create a new RSVP event:

  1. Create an event page from one of your available theme options using the Create Event button or from the Themes Dashboard.  
  2. Save the content blocks from your previous theme or page to add your design to the new page. Check out how to save custom blocks here: Saving and Sharing Content Blocks.
  3. Transfer any event-level email templates you need to the new page: How do I share or copy custom email templates?
  4. The new theme you've chosen will come with an updated registration form approved by your program. If your account has the ability to add and edit questions, you'll need to re-add any additional questions. Be sure to use the proper Field Names to sync to active integrations. All previous form settings will now be located in the Settings tab for your event.

    Have a complex form that was previously linked to an integration? Reach out to your program manager or Splash Support for additional guidance on how to recreate your form.
  5. Need custom work re-implemented? If Splash implemented tracking pixels or other custom development on your theme or event page, don’t hesitate to reach out for available transfer options.

What if my themes don't suit my needs?

If you find yourself continuously duplicating specific pages you’ve created because your themes just aren’t the same, maybe it’s time to revisit those themes. Reach out to your program manager or submit a request to Splash Support for guidance in updating your themes.

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